Message from the President

Our company started the production and distribution of kendo-gu in Nihonbashi, Tokyo, in 1913. Since then, we have been pursuing the improvement of kendo-gu, to make them more protective and more comfortable, while preserving its grace and nobility. We observe the traditional method developed in Japan, introducing innovative techniques as well.
All of our kendo-gu are produced in our own atelier by the specialized workers, and the products are the crystallization of their techniques.

Our products range from the bogu for children and beginners, to the made-to-order equipment for the title holders of All Japan Kendo Championship and high-rank dan holders.
Please examine and confirm the technique in which Mori Budo-gu takes pride.

Company Profile
Company name Mori Budo-gu Co., Ltd.
Company address 6-12 Kodemma Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku
Tokyo, Japan 103-0001
TEL +81-(0)3-3661-0469
FAX +81-(0)3-3661-0059
Inauguration June, 1913
Capital 10,000,000yen
Description of business Distribution of kendo, and other martial-art equipment
Number of employees 10
  • Mizuho Bank
  • The Tokyo Shinkin Bank
June 1913

Company formation at 1-3, Kodenma, Nihonbashi, as a distributor of kendo and martial-art equipment.
Engagement in the production and delivery of kendo equipment as a designated factory of now-defunct Imperial Army.

June 1999

Inauguration of Mori Sporting Goods Shop, for the distribution of the equipments of kendo, martial arts, and general sports.

June 1975

Renaming of the company for Mori Budo-gu Co., Ltd.

June 1982

Completion of the company's new building.

April 1989

Appointed to a designated shop of Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department's Mutual-aid Association of Officials.

February 1991

Increase of capital to 8,000,000yen.

February 1996

Increase of capital to 10,000,000yen.

The company has produced kendo equipment for many prominent players in All Japan Kendo Championship and World Kendo Championship.

Access Map
Shop Opens:9:00-18:30(Mon-Fri)&9:00-17:00(Sat)
Closed:Sun and National Holidays           



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